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1435 North Oak Street
Calistoga, CA 94515

(707) 942-2278

Member Artists

Efim Anghel

Efim, originally from Moldova and moving to the United States in 2004, has focused on drawing since childhood. 

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Marvin Humphrey

Marvin has been drawing and painting for more than 60 years and in the last 20 years he has completed roughly 2500 oil paintings.

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Darlene Leffler

Darlene brings to life flowers and children in her paintings.  She also creates mosaics for tables fabricated by her husband. 

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Christine Olivo

Through the medium of oil painting, Christine has expanded her own color perception and uses paint strokes to enhance form.

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Marilyn Sommer

Marilyn's work has been featured in galleries, wineries, restaurants, television and in over 180 private and corporate collections.

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Lin Weber

Lin prefers the use of water-mixable oils for painting landscapes, still-lifes of fruits and vegetables, dogs, cars, and people at work.

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Chris Zinn

Chris has been concentrating on his colored pencil drawings since 1989. His work is now in private collections across the country.

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Margareta Bergman

Margareta's mediums included drypoint, monoprint and woodcut. Currently she uses a soft graphite pencil on BFK Rives paper.

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Karen Lynn Ingalls

Karen Lynn Ingalls works in many mediums. Enchanted by the land, she depicts rural California in colorist landscape paintings.

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Betty Jo March

Betty Jo shares her vision through her favorite medium, watercolor, which lends itself so well to plein air painting. 

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Anne Pentland

Anne works in pastel, watercolor, acrylic, oil, mosaic, and clay.  Her work currently focuses on endangered species.

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Elizabeth Stokkebye

Elizabeth is a figurative painter, often painting mythical and metaphorical figures from storytelling. 

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Linda Wilds-Beltz

With vibrant colors and exaggerated contours, Linda's dreamlike acrylic paintings beckon the viewer to "jump right into them".

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Robin M. Widoff

Robin is interested in sculpting clay and wax and in 2014 began studying oil painting with Deirdre Shibano and watercolors with Allis Teegarden.

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Rebecca Dant

Rebecca is a printmaker, scanographer,  and mixed media artist. She has begun exhibiting scanned images printed onto archival paper.



Shawnee Johnson

Shawnee Wollenman Johnson paints in multimedia in an intuitive process that reaches into the subconscious to pull images from life, dreams and imagination.

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Susan Finch Laymon

Whether it is paint, clay or a camera, Susan's desire is to show you the beauty  everywhere in the world.... and also the humor!

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Sanda Manuila

Sanda uses oil paint to create inner landscapes from which exude a metaphorical quality.

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Richard Popko

Richard's paintings, based on photographs from San Francisco, embody a mood, attitude and ambiance reminiscent of neo film noire.

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Sharolyn Townsend

Sharolyn's love for painting non-traditional pet portraiture is strongly supported by her academic photography background. 

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Char Wood

Char interests lie mostly in plein air landscape painting, intensifying color and value and striving for a good design and composition.

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Paul Youngman

Born in Wisconsin but living in California for many years, Paul Youngman has rapidly become one of the Napa Valley’s finest and most popular painters of the California Wine Country, moving there in 1994.

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