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1435 North Oak Street
Calistoga, CA 94515

(707) 942-2278

Efim Anghel


Artist Story

Efim Anghel was born in Moldova. He started drawing from the early age of four. In first grade, he drew an authentic-looking fish and people were genuinely amazed at his talent. In 1976, Efim’s talent, passion, perseverance and appreciation of art helped him to get accepted and admitted to the University of Arts in Kishinev. John Jumatil was his mentor and helped Efim pursue studies in art. However, raised by a single mother, Efim’s family couldn’t afford to have him continue college any longer. Despite this set back he never stopped drawing. In 2004, Efim came to the United States with his wife and two children. He enrolled to the American River College (ARC) in Sacramento, California where he studied English, and further developed his drawing skills. In 2010 Efim worked as an intern in James Kaneko Gallery in Davis. The following year Efim received the “Best of Show” award in a group exhibition from the ARC.