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1435 North Oak Street
Calistoga, CA 94515

(707) 942-2278


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Abstract Landscape Painting


Abstract LAndscape PAinting

Taught by Karen Lynn Ingalls

Saturday & Sunday, June 22nd & 23rd, 10 AM — 5 PM both days — bring a lunch!

at the Calistoga Art Center, 1435 North Oak Street, Cropp Bldg, Calistoga

COST/Choose option

$185 for CAC member, $210 for non-members — materials fee not included

Materials fee: $25, paid to instructor, for all the materials you’ll need, including paint, paper, brushes, and canvases. Contact Karen if you’d like to bring your own materials, and need to know what to bring.

Maximum of 12 people, minimum of 4. Sign up early to ensure your place!

Would you like to simplify your landscape painting to get at essentials? Or take what you see and use it as a springboard to a new creation, rather than painting more realistically?

In this workshop, we will focus first on the one indispensible element of any landscape painting. Next, you will learn several different ways to simplify and play with images of the landscape, re-creating it in abstract form. Then you'll create a series of tiny paintings, and one or two larger paintings, as you try each approach.

We'll also look at inspirational examples of historical and contemporary abstract landscape paintings, to see and understand some of the approaches other painters have taken to abstract the landscape.

Painting in this way strips the image down to its essence. If you usually paint more realistic-looking landscapes, it may change the way you see the world!

This class is designed for people with at least some previous painting experience, and we'll be using versatile, fast-drying acrylic paints.

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Landscape Painting

COST/Choose option

Landscape Painting

Taught by Karen Lynn Ingalls

Saturday & Sunday, August 17-18, 10 AM — 5 PM both days — bring a lunch!

at the Calistoga Art Center, 1435 North Oak Street, Cropp Bldg, Calistoga

$185 for CAC member, $210 for non-members — includes Karen’s mini-book on Landscape Painting. Painting materials not included.

Maximum of 12 people, minimum of 4. Sign up early to ensure your place!

Have you ever looked at a beautiful scene, and wished you could capture it on canvas? You'll learn how here, creating a landscape painting from a photograph, and using a limited palette and water–soluble acrylic paints.

This all comes from a perspective of non-judgement – it's essential to tame the inner critic in order to be creative! We paint in a spirit of discovery and experimentation.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to create a landscape painting from a photograph

  • How to choose your palette, mix colors, and create beautiful color harmonies

  • How to begin – and where to take it from there, working with the big shapes in the painting

  • How to approach composition and design

  • How to give your landscapes the illusion of distance

  • The inner game of painting (how and why to tame your inner critic)

By the end of the weekend, you will have a landscape painting to take home with you. You will also take home Karen's mini-book on Landscape Painting, as a resource for your landscape painting from here on out.

This class is designed for people with at least some previous acrylic painting experience.

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Classical Approach to Portrait Painting - 2 day intensive workshop

July 24th & July 25th, 10 am - 5pm

Class Fee
underpainting deirdre copy.jpg
deirdre class.jpg

In this two day intensive workshop, we will explore the classical approach to portrait painting.

On the first day, we will review the general scaffolding rules of portrait painting with regards to the proportions and measurements of the head. We will pay special attention to drawing the portrait with paint in a monotone sketch in order to note the structure, values and form. This will be an excellent introduction to the process as well as a needed review for some. Making preliminary sketches to determine composition … What is our “focal point”? Determining the value not only of the subject but also of the background are crucial elements of a readable painting! We will spend at least the first half of the first day noting these crucial elements in a monotone underpainting using burnt umber and gambol only!

The second half of the first day will be the “noting of color balance” We will set the color relationship using “dead” color!

On the second day, we will rework the colors so that they are “clean” and sensitive to the form. Special attention will be taken to the “edges and color relationship as it pertains to distance, space, and importance! Demonstrations, handouts and individual critiques will be given.

2 days for $150. Model’s fee will be divided.

You must pre-register to attend.

There are easels, tables and stool. Please bring your own painting supplies.

Email me if you should need a supply list… @

Please check out my website:

Feel free to send me any questions related to the workshops!

Class Fee