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1435 North Oak Street
Calistoga, CA 94515

(707) 942-2278

Private Workshops

The Calistoga Art Center is the perfect place for celebrating your group's creativity and collaboration. We will provide your team with a fun, relaxing and artistic afternoon they are sure to remember. 

Included in your private workshop: 

  • Exclusive use of the Calistoga Art Center or designated outdoor space
  • Professional artist instructor
  • Necessary art materials

Workshops start at $350 for classes up to 6 people with a $50 per person fee for each additional participant.  Workshops can hold a maximum of 10 attendees.  We request you book your private event at least three weeks in advance to ensure space availability.

Painting and Sketching with Watercolor Pencils

with Karen Lynn Ingalls

One of the best approaches to painting watercolors – and the most fun and accessible for people new to painting – is by using watercolor pencils. With them, you can begin by making informal sketches of what you see around you, including landscape views (we’ll be working from Karen's photographs of Napa Valley views). Next you add color, using the colors of the watercolor pencils. Finally, you add water. When the water comes into contact with the pencil marks, the color softens and spreads, creating – voila! – a watercolor Beginners find it a much easier, simpler, and more enjoyable way to get into watercolor painting on location than by creating a more formal watercolor painting. It makes for a fun, memorable, and low-stress way of creating art.Each person will leave the workshop with the sketch paintings they have already created, their sketch pad, and a set of watercolor pencils they can continue to work with. They’ll also get a handout from Karen with great resources they can follow up on later, for sketching and painting in the future.


with Elizabeth Stokkebye

Ever wondered which flower best represents you? Ever wanted to paint that flower? How would you present the flower that represents you? By itself; as part of a bouquet; in its natural setting; cut and in a vase; or something completely different? How do you see it – from which angle and perspective: above, below, or the side, up close or at a distance? What colors will you use? These questions and their answers will put together just the right flower image for you. Painted in one day but set to please you for years to come, your floral piece will awaken your sense of beauty. Choose between different size papers and/or boards; perhaps create a diptych or a triptych. Medium will be gouache or tempera and both are water based.