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1435 North Oak Street
Calistoga, CA 94515

(707) 942-2278

Sip & Listen

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Sip & Listen


Sip & Listen is no longer being scheduled.

Thank you to Channing Rudd for enlightening us with visual delights and artistic history.

Sip & Listen as you learn some art history.

Come & enjoy some refreshments as you relearn some of that art history you forgot in school or never took. We will meet every month on a Tuesday night from 6:30 - 8, with complimentary wine or juice.

Fun, relaxing and engaging.

PS... No Tests!

Your instructor is long time art teacher Channing Rudd.  

Cost Only - $10.00

 Seniors - $8.00

September 4th- The Renaissance-The Revival of the Classics Part 1 (repeat)

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October 9th - The Renaissance-The Revival of the Classics Part 2


November 6th - Mannerist Painting and the Reformation

mannerist example.jpg

CANCELLED/December 4th - Painting and the Counter Reformation

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CANCELLED/February 5th -  The Baroque Style & the Counter Reformation

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past lectures

Sept 28th - Intro to Art History, Psychedelic? Cave Art

November 2nd - The Fermentable Crescent

November 16th - Egyptian Gods & Wine

November 30th - The Aegean World

December 14th - Greece

January 18th - Who Were the Etruscans?

February 15th - The Rise of Rome (How to stay at war for 500 years

March 15th - The Fall of Rome

March 29th - Byzantine/Christian (Jesus)

April 12th - Early Middle Ages-Were the Dark Ages Really Dark?

April 26th -  The High Middle Ages- Infidels & Crusaders

May 10th -  The Romanesque Era

May 24th - The Gothic Era- Churches to Heaven

June 7th - The Pre-Renaissance